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Sugarproof: The Hidden Dangers of Sugar That Are Putting Your Child's Health at Risk and What You Can Do

18 CPEUs
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This CPE activity is designed to help clinicians understand the impact of a high-sugar diet on children and provide recommendations to clients to improve overall diet and health quality.

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Sugarproof: The Hidden Dangers of Sugar That Are Putting Your Child’s Health at Risk and What You Can Do

© 2024 Wolf Rinke Associates. All rights reserved for this self-directed accredited learning activity. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission, except for brief excerpts, is prohibited.


Upon completion of this CPE activity, you will be better able to:

  • Describe the chemical composition of various sugars;
  • Apply an understanding of fructose concentration of sweeteners to meal selections;
  • Communicate alternative names for sugars and describe the general glycemic impact of each;
  • Pinpoint the relationship between sugar consumption and health outcomes;
  • Assist clients in selecting meal options to minimize the effects of a high-sugar diet on their
  • Evaluate a client's diet and other risk factors for the development of chronic disease;
  • Assess the overall added sugar intake of a diet;
  • Suggest strategies to help improve compliance with a low-sugar diet for children; and
  • Recommend meal selections to minimize negative effects of excess sugar consumption.


Anne Coltman, MS, RDN, LDN, CNSC, FAND, CLSSB, is a Senior General Manager for Trinity Health at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, IL. She received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign and her Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, and her dietetic internship at Rush University in Chicago, IL. Anne has previous experience as a nutrition support dietitian in surgical critical care, as well as a faculty member, specializing in nutrition screening, assessment, and physical exam in gastrointestinal, surgical, and critical care nutrition.

Within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Anne has held numerous leadership roles, including serving as a co-chair on the EAL Malnutrition in Older Adults Workgroup, a member of Clinical Nutrition Manager NCP Toolkit Taskforce, and is on the Board of Editors for the Nutrition Care Manual. She has also served as the Young Practitioner for the Council on Future Practice, a member of the Quality Leader Alliance, and the Secretary for the Illinois Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics with previous service as a workgroup member for the Evidence Analysis Library Adult Nutrition Screening Workgroup. She serves as an ad hoc reviewer for both the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition as well as an item writer and reviewer for the Dietetic Technician Examination and received a certificate of completion for participating in an item writer training program sponsored by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). She has provided numerous presentations at national, state, and local conferences along with many peer-reviewed publications and abstracts.

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