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Inspiring & Supporting Behavior Change
A Food, Nutrition, & Health Professional’s Counseling Guide
Second Edition

Book and Study Guide by Ann Constance MA, RDN, CDE, FAADE
And Cecilia Sauter MS, RDN, CDE, FAADE
Study Guide Edited by Wolf J. Rinke, PhD, CSP, RDN

14 CPEUs
$129.95 $114.95
Save $15.00

Book, 220 pgs, and Study Guide with 1 Reporting Form, 26 pgs.
Do your patients resist behavior change? Do you need tips and tools to help empower your patients through the change and goal setting process so that they can achieve better health? This CPE program will help you move your patients toward positive change. You will learn how to:

  • Implement the chronic care model
  • Use stages of change and motivational interviewing for optimal results
  • Foster confidence and help patients set goals
  • Implement tele-counseling and technology to provide additional support for patients
  • Applies alternative approaches to assist with behavior change

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Approved/Accepted byCDR, NCBDE

For RDs/RDNs & DTRs/NDTRs for the Professional Development Portfolio

SUGGESTED Performance Indicators (PIs):
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C297F 14 CPEUs

Inspiring & Supporting Behavior Change
A Food, Nutrition, & Health Professional’s Counseling Guide
Second Edition

Book and Study Guide by Ann Constance MA, RDN, CDE, FAADE
And Cecilia Sauter MS, RDN, CDE, FAADE
Study Guide Edited by Wolf J. Rinke, PhD, CSP, RDN

©2017 Wolf Rinke Associates, Inc. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the Publisher.


Emily Redder - "I work with outpatients and a big part of my job is working on behavior change. I really appreciated all of the tips for supporting this and how to improve as a practitioner."

Robin C. Harwell - "The Chapter on 'When Patients Need More than Nutrition Counseling; ' The 'boxes' such as pages 46 - 47 that give a practical example of how we can put information to use with a client;  also the stages of readiness to change."

Lynette Calloway - "I work for WIC and I really like the examples of how these counseling techniques can be applied in a clinic setting versus the community setting that I work in."

Joan Campanelli - "Motivational interviewing techniques are valuable in dealing with staff and personal life. I felt inspired after reading the book. Resources are good, also."

Kimberly Mirsky - "The examples in the book clearly showed typically examples of what occurs during counseling and traps dietitians can find themselves in. I liked the inclusion of the screening tools."

Linda Ryan - "This course kept my interest throughout the entire book. I learned a great deal about how to improve my own counseling skills!"

Toni L. Herman - "I very much appreciated the guidance on assessing & counseling patients/clients, but sadly most professionals are not given the necessary time frame suggested to spend with them, or the follow-up compliance to totally utilize these skills in full."



Welcome to the self-directed accredited CPE program, Inspiring & Supporting Behavior Change: A Food, Nutrition, & Health Professional’s Counseling Guide, Second Edition. The program consists of a book of the same title and this study guide.

This CPE program is designed to help reinforce the importance of counseling skills and enhance your ability to provide quality patient care. While many health care professionals, such as nurses and dietitians have strong clinical skills, this program is designed to help deepen your abilities to inspire and motivate your patients to take actions that will improve their health and the quality of their life. It will also provide you with 14 CPEUs.

To get the most out of this self-directed accredited CPE program, it is suggested that you adhere to the following four steps:
Step 1: Review the objectives in this study guide.
Step 2: Read and study the Inspiring & Supporting Behavior Change, Second Edition book. Be sure to complete all exercises contained in the book.
Step 3: Assess what you have learned by answering the questions contained in this study guide.
Step 4: Compare your answers to the answer key provided in this study guide. If you scored at least 80% correct (60 questions) you are ready to transfer your answers to the CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (CPEU) REPORTING FORM. If you scored less than 80% correct (60 questions), re-read this CPE program until you score at least 80% correct.

After you have successfully completed the program, complete the CPE REPORTING FORM and:
Submit on-line at www.easyCPEcredits.com,
Or fax to: (410) 531-9282,
Or mail to: Wolf Rinke Associates, 3801 Schuylkill Road, Spring City, PA 19475.

We will email your Certificate of Completion.

When you submit your CPE Reporting Form to us via www.easyCPEcredits.com, fax, or mail be sure to write your correct email address in the space provided on the CPE Reporting Form. If writing by hand, be sure to print your email address clearly.

To ensure that our emails are delivered to your inbox (instead of your junk/spam folders), please add cpesupport@wolfrinke.com to your Address Book or Safe List of allowed email senders. Also, be sure to allow attachments from this email address.


Upon completion of this CPE program you will be better able to:

  • Describe at least three aspects associated with Patient Centered Medical Homes.
  • Implement the five-step process used in the Empowerment approach.
  • Apply motivational interviewing techniques to help patients explore and resolve ambivalence and move toward change.
  • Assess the willingness of patients to make specific changes and plan approaches using the Stages of Change approach.
  • Use the WHAT system to help patients set goals that enable them to achieve lasting behavior change.
  • Evaluate possible mental and emotional health issues that may need additional assessments and treatments before behavior change can be effectively addressed.
  • Explain at least four ways that may be used to help patients with self-management support.
  • Apply three or more complementary techniques that may be used to help support lifestyle changes.
  • Evaluate low health literacy and cultural issues in self-management and implement strategies to effectively address them.


Chapter 2: Patients Change... When We Change: The Patient-Centered Medical Home
Chapter 3: Empowerment: Your Patients in the Driver's Seat
Chapter 4: Are Your Patients Ready to Change?
Chapter 5: Moving Your Patients toward Change: Motivational Interviewing
Chapter 6: Putting the WHAT into Goal Setting
Chapter 7: When Patients Need More than Nutrition Counseling
Chapter 8: Alternative Approaches that Assist with Behavior Change
Chapter 9: Building Long-Term Support for Patients
Chapter 10: Other Issues to Consider: Health Literacy, Cultural Diversity, and Biases in Health Care
Appendix: Additional Resources


Ann Constance, MA, RD, CDE, FAADE earned a Bachelor of Science in dietetics and a Master of Arts degree in exercise physiology from Michigan State University. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Master Trainer for the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management program.
Ms. Constance has worked in a variety of settings including hospital, cardiac rehab, outpatient and clinic. She currently serves as the Director of a community based diabetes program that works to strengthen diabetes care and support across a rural 15 county area. In addition, she acts as a consultant on a variety of health care projects. Ms. Constance has also worked as a seminar leader across the country and has delivered many presentations at state and national conferences and for community groups.
Along with Cecilia Sauter, Ms. Constance authored the book used in this CPE program Inspiring and Supporting Behavior Change: A Food and Nutrition Professional’s Counseling Guide, 2nd edition. She also co-authored the Northshore Diet, a book with healthful eating tips and recipes for the general public, and has had several articles published in peer reviewed journals.

Cecilia Sauter, MS, RD, CDE, FAADE earned a Bachelor of Science in dietetics with a minor in clinical nutrition from Texas Woman’s University. She completed a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition at Texas Woman’s University in 1994 and is also a Certified Diabetes Educator.
Cecilia works as a Clinical Project Manager at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. As part of her job she trains care navigators, nurses, dietitians and pharmacist that are embedded in the clinics on self-management skills and how to have productive conversations with their patients. She oversaw the implementation of the Patient Centered Medical Home at the University of Michigan. Prior to this, Cecilia was the founder and Director of the Diabetes Education Program at the University of Michigan. She has also worked as a seminar leader across the country and has delivered many presentations at community groups, as well as state and national conferences. Cecilia was a board member for AADE as well as the Treasurer and current speaker for the ‘Core Concepts Course’.
Along with Ann Constance, Cecilia authored the second edition of the book entitled Inspiring and Supporting Behavior Change: A Food and Nutrition Professional’s Counseling Guide. She also wrote a chapter in the book: When your Doctor Says Diabetes, A Guide to Regaining Control over your Health and Well Being – Chapter 14: Working with a Dietitian, and published several articles in peer-reviewed journals.


Wolf J. Rinke, PhD, RDN, CSP is the president and founder of Wolf Rinke Associates, Inc., a company that has provided high quality CPE programs to nutrition professionals since 1990.
He earned a BS at Drexel University, a MS at Iowa State University, a PhD in Continuing and Vocational Education (Adult Ed) at the University of Wisconsin, and interned at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He participated in a test item writer workshop sponsored by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR).
Wolf is a past Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate School of Management & Technology, University of Maryland, and a former Adjunct Faculty Member, School of Continuing Studies, The Johns Hopkins University.
He is the past president of the DC Dietetic Association and has been honored by the Academy with the Award for Excellence in the practice of Management; the Outstanding Dietitian of the Year Award; the Outstanding Service Award; and has delivered the Lenna Frances Cooper Lecture.
At the Academy he has served in numerous leadership roles including Chair, Scholarship Committee, DBC; Chair, Communication Committee, CDR; Chair, Area Coordinating Committee, COE; Chair, COE, and member of Resource for Education Programs Committee; Honors Committee; CDR, Licensure Panel and Ethical Practices Task Force; CDR; House of Delegates and Board of Directors.
He is the author of more than 500 articles, numerous CPE home-study programs, several popular books, and the free monthly eNewsletter “Read and Grow Rich” written specifically for savvy Nutrition Professionals like YOU! Subscribe now at www.easyCPEcredits.com--you’ll be glad you did!


Special thanks to the following individuals for their careful review of this CPE program.

Carol Grafford, RDN, CDE
Independent Diabetes Consultant
Hancock, MI

Sandra A. Parker, RDN, CDE
Community Health Consultant
Boyne Falls, MI

Deb Sergey, RDN, IC®
Director, Nutrition, Wellness and Diabetes Education
UP Health System - Marquette
Marquette, MI


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