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Vol. 2 No. 2, February 2010 Copyright 2010 by Wolf J. Rinke

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In this issue:

Figure out what your boss does not like to do, and do more of it.
--Wolf J. Rinke
Source: "Make It a Winning Life," Perpetual desk calendar,

Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus, 6th Edition, Marion .J. Franz, MS, RD, LD, CDE,
C200, 18 CPEUs, $144.95
This comprehensive, up-to-date manual, written by one of the most renowned diabetes educators in the country, will teach you how you can have a major impact on medical and clinical outcomes and help patients with diabetes achieve dramatic improvements in the quality of life.

Effective Nutrition Education for Behavior Change, 3rd Edition R. AbuSabha, PhD, RD
C202, 18 CPEUs, $129.95.
This one-of-a-kind manual is ideal for diabetes educators and a must for anyone who educates the public.

Soda consumption may lead to increased kidney disease in women
In a study of more than 9,000 adults researchers at Loyola University in Chicago found that women of normal weight who consume two or more cans of sugary soft drinks per day are nearly twice as likely to show early signs of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Men and women who drank diet soda, did not experience the same effect.
ACTION STEP: For additional in-depth, up-to-date info read our new Diabetes and Renal Vascular Resistance CPE program by V. Juturu, Ph.D., C203, 16 CPEUs,
Source: D. A. Shoham, et al, Sugary soda consumption and albuminuria: Results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2004, PLoS ONE 3(10): e3431., accessed 1/25/10.

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By Wolf J. Rinke, PhD, RD, CSP

In the last issue of this eNewsletter we talked about the first four strategies necessary to help you make 2010 your best year ever:
1. Get paid less
2. Value yourself
3. Chase your passion
4. Identify and pursue your fire-in-the-belly goals
Let's now continue with what it takes to help you succeed faster in 2010:

5. Do what you don't feel like doing.
One of the cartoons I like to show in my Make It a Winning Life seminars is from Mother Goose and Grimm. Grimmi, that's the dog, is standing in front of a full length mirror, and says "Sit!" In the next frame, he sits down, wags his tail and says to the mirror: "Good dog, good dog..." The next frame has Grimmi smiling at the mirror saying: "I'm a self-motivator." That's what this is all about-having the discipline to do what you don't feel like doing. Chances are that those are the things that others don't feel like doing either! And when you do those things you will succeed faster. To help me with this I've developed this axiom: If I don't feel like doing something, I go do it. If I really feel like doing something, I think about it twice before I do it. For example, I'm sitting in front of my computer and writing this eNewsletter on an incredibly beautiful winter day. The sparkling sunshine and the snow in West Virginia where we have a cabin, are beckoning me to go cross country skiing with my Superwoman-that's my sweetheart of over 40 years. Yet, after thinking about it, I discipline myself to sit here and do what I really don't want to do. And that's how it goes with just about all things that help you make it to the top faster.

6. Figure out what your boss does not like to do, and do more of it
Your boss, just like everyone else, has strengths and weaknesses. (If you are an entrepreneur, substitute the word client for boss.) And all of us tend to love doing those things that represent a strength for us and have difficulties completing tasks that represent our weaknesses. (Don't know what your boss does not like to do? Ask her: "Boss, you know I like to add a lot of value, and feel I can best do that when I take those things off your hands that you don't like to do." Or if you don't want to do that, watch and observe the things that she does not seem to get done or done on time.) By completing these tasks, you become a hero. (Plus you might even like to do them because they allow you to build on your strengths.) And heroes get taken care off during the next pay raise (you can dream, right?), when promotions become available and training and development assignments are made.

7. Invest in yourself
It's been said that if you want to earn more you've got to learn more. And it's true. Statistics tell us that if you have a high-school diploma you'll earn an average of $750,000 in your life time. With a bachelor's degree, approximately $1.5 million, and with a professional degree like an MD, JD or PhD you'll earn about $3 million. But don't stop there! Take a look at how much of your disposable income you spent on your own development during the past 12 months. If it is less than 3 percent it is likely that you're becoming obsolete. In this era of rapid change, the only way you can maintain a competitive advantage is to invest in the most important resource you own-You! Read at least half an hour every day. Reading at least one non-fiction book every year puts you ahead of about 45 percent of the U.S. population. If however, you want to make it into the income level of the top 3 percent of the population; you'll have to devour 16 books a year. Listen to motivational and educational audio programs in your car. By listening only half the time while in your car, you'll earn the equivalent of two, 3-credit college courses every year. Attend seminars and courses. After all, learning from other peoples' experiences (OPE) is a shortcut to success. If you still make the same mistake I made for many years by saying: "Yeah, but my employer won't pay for my continuing education!" Then it's time to read this paragraph again to figure out who the ultimate beneficiary is. (Go to for our latest CPE courses. Some are available in audio and even video format.)

8. Maintain balance
Having come to this country at age 17 with the proverbial shirt on my back and a couple of dollars in my pocket, I confess that making money was my #1 priority, until that fateful day in December 1997. Superwoman and I were on our way to Paris, France. Both of us were very excited. Marcela was going to one of her favorite cities, and I was on my way to speak to more than 300 managers from 19 different countries. We had an uneventful trip until we got to France, when we noticed that we were in a holding pattern. After about 20 minutes the pilot calmly advised us that the indicator light for the landing gear was not working, and that the cockpit crew was trying to diagnose the problem. About 30 minutes later the pilot told us that there was nothing wrong with the indicator light, which meant that either the landing gears were not extended or they were not locked in. "We will now," he continued, "fly over the tower so that they can make a visual inspection."
After doing that twice the pilot advised us that "the landing gears appear to be extended, so we must assume that the gears are not locked in." After what seemed like an eternity, the captain got on the intercom again and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, the flight attendants will now provide you with emergency landing instructions. I know that you've heard these many times before but this time I need you to pay very close attention because we are going to be making an emergency landing at Charles de Gaulle International airport." He also told us that the airport has been closed and that emergency equipment is standing by.
The flight attendants very calmly and professionally instructed us to get rid of all sharp objects, clear all isles, and put everything in the overhead bins. They also had us practice the emergency landing position...putting our head between our arms, leaning forward and bracing ourselves against the seat in front of us.
After more than two hours, the captain finally began his descent and everyone quietly assumed the emergency landing position upon his command. What occurred to me during those eternal two hours is that at no time did I say to myself: "Wish I had worked harder, wish I had made more money, wish I had bought a bigger house, wish I had bought more stuff." Instead I thought about my relationships-my relationship with my wife and if I had told her how much I love her often enough; my relationship with my daughters, and how they would cope without us; my relationship with my parents and whether I had given ample credit where credit was due; my relationship with my friends and if I had told them how much I value them; and my relationship with my team members and if I had expressed my deep appreciation for all they had done for me?
What I learned from this is what is really important in our lives. Not money, not things, not stuff, but relationships. Of course being a professional speaker I also thought: "If you make it out of this alive you'll have one heck of a story to tell." After the captain gave the command to assume the emergency position he landed the plane so softly that we did not even know we had landed, right between rows of fire engines. By the way that trip concluded with the loudest round of applause, cheers and joy I have ever heard on any flight.
So whatever you do, keep your life in balance and don't forget to spend quality time on the real important stuff, your relationships.
To learn about other strategies that will help you make 2010 your best year ever read: W. J. Rinke, PhD, RD, "How to Maximize Professional Potential & Increase Your Earning Power in Nutrition & Dietetics", 3rd Edition, C187, 30 CPEUs;

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A man goes into a restaurant, sits down at a table and an attractive waitress comes to take his order. He gives her a smile and says, "I want a quickie."

She turns red in the face and studders, "Sir, I don't know what kind of restaurant you're used to eating in, but I can assure you you're not going to get a quickie here!"

"How disappointing," the man replies. "Could you ask the chef to make an exception?"

"He doesn't have anything to do with it!" says the waitress indignantly.

"Hmmm," do you know anywhere around here where I could get a quickie?"

"I don't have a clue," answers the waitress loudly.

At that point, a patron at the next table leans over and taps the man on the shoulder, "I think it's pronounced QUICHE."


Dr. Wolf J. Rinke, RD, CSP is the president of Wolf Rinke Associates--an accredited provider of easy to use CPE home study programs for nutrition professionals since 1990 available at He is also a highly effective management consultant and executive coach who specializes in building peak performance organizations, teams and individuals, and an author of numerous CPE home study courses, audio/video programs as well as several best selling management, leadership and self-development books including Make it a Winning Life--Success Strategies for Life, Love and Business. In addition he is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and seminar leader who delivers customized presentations that combine story telling, humor and motivation with specific "how to" action strategies that participants can apply immediately to improve their personal and professional lives. Preview a demo at or call 800-828-9653. If you have questions, or would like him to address a specific issue or topic please e-mail him at


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