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A Big Fat Crisis
The Hidden Forces Behind the Obesity Epidemic--And How We Can End It

Book by
Deborah A. Cohen, MD
Study Guide by
Wolf J. Rinke, PhD, RDN, CSP

22 CPEUs

Book, 262 pgs & Study Guide with 1 Reporting Form, 22 pgs.
Obesity is the public health crisis of the twenty-first century. Over 150 million Americans are overweight or obese, and across the globe an estimated 1.5 billion are affected. In A Big Fat Crisis, Dr. Cohen has created a major new work that will transform the conversation surrounding the modern weight crisis. Based on her own extensive research, as well as the latest insights from behavioral economics and cognitive science, Cohen reveals what drives the obesity epidemic and how we, as a nation, can overcome it.

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Approved/Accepted by CDR, NCBDE

For RDs/RDNs & DTRs/NDTRs for the Professional Development Portfolio

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22 CPEUs

A Big Fat Crisis
The Hidden Forces Behind the Obesity Epidemic--And How We Can End I

Book by
Deborah A. Cohen, MD
Study Guide by
Wolf J. Rinke, PhD, RDN, CSP

© 2014 Wolf Rinke Associates, Inc. All rights reserved for this self-directed accredited learning program. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission, except for brief excerpts, is prohibited.


Nancy Koch: "The subject was very challenging in terms of standards and political input. This was very helpful as I get a lot of questions from my policy-based course about this topic. Appreciate the good resource!!"

Doris Elmore: "Thank you for compiling , presenting and relating how human nature and environmental issues contributes to overweight & obesity; and the possible role individuals, food industries, and government regulations can play to eliminate the "Big Fat Crisis."

Camilla Jacobson: "I loved the perspective from which Deborah Cohen writes this book. The way she addresses the bigger societal and environmental issues that affect obesity, is absolutely spot on!"


Welcome to A Big Fat Crisis: The Hidden Forces Behind the Obesity Epidemic--and How We Can End It, a pre-approved Continuing Professional Continuing (CPE) self-study program. The CPE program consists of a book of the same title by Deborah A. Cohen, MD, and a study guide. This CPE program will stimulate you to think of the causes of obesity and how to limit them in an entirely different way and encourage you to provide clients with advice that will enhance their nutritional health and long-term wellbeing. It is also designed to help you earn 22 Level 2 Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEUs). Level 2 means that you have general knowledge of the literature and professional practice in the areas covered. The focus of the program is to enhance knowledge and application.

To get the most out of this CPE program, it is suggested that you adhere to the following four steps:

  • Review the objectives in the study guide.
  • Read and study the book.
  • Assess what you have learned by answering the self-assessment questions in this study guide.
  • Compare your answers to the answer key, which is located at the end of the study guide. If you scored at least 80% correct, you have completed the program and are ready to transfer your answers to the CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION REPORTING FORM. If you scored less than 80% correct, re-read the appropriate sections of the book until you score at least 80% correct.

After you have successfully completed the CPE program, complete the CPE REPORTING FORM and:
Submit on-line at www.easyCPEcredits.com,
Or fax to: (410) 531-9282,
Or mail to: Wolf Rinke Associates, Inc., 13621 Gilbride Ln, Clarksville, MD 21029.

We will email your Certificate of Completion.

When you submit your CPE Reporting Form to us via mail, fax or www.easyCPEcredits.com, be sure to write your correct email address in the space provided on the CPE Reporting Form. If writing by hand, be sure to print your email address clearly.

To ensure that our emails are delivered to your inbox (instead of your junk/spam folders), please add cpesupport@wolfrinke.com to your Address Book or Safe List of allowed email senders. Also, be sure to allow attachments from this email address.


To stimulate you to think of the various causes of obesity and how to alleviate them in an entirely different way, and to encourage you to provide clients with advice that will enhance their nutritional health and long-term wellbeing.

Upon completion of this CPE program you will be able to:

  • Recognize that obesity is the public health crisis of the twenty-first century,
  • Recall specific health consequences of obesity,
  • Assess the main forces that have contributed to the obesity epidemic,
  • Evaluate aspects of human nature that make it virtually impossible for most people to remain in control of what and how much they eat when too much food is available,
  • Identify the major factors that impact self-control,
  • Explain the major operating systems of the brain,
  • Recognize specific factors that interfere with brain functions,
  • Evaluate which cues and triggers may be impacting your clients ability to fight obesity,
  • Recognize that conscious intentions may not be directing behavior,
  • Explain the settings that may dictate client behaviors,
  • Recognize that the obesity epidemic is fueled by dramatic changes in the food environment,
  • Explain how the availability and marketing of food impacts consumption,
  • Evaluate the role government should play in addressing the obesity epidemic,
  • Identify how the government has successfully impacted public health in the past,
  • Recognize specific strategies to create a safer food environment,
  • Assess specific policies and interventions that build a safer food environment,
  • Help clients recognize that losing weight and improving the quality of their health may be impacted more by the environment than the food they choose to eat,
  • Recognize which commonly used weight loss strategies have been debunked by science,
  • Advise clients how they can impact public policy to alleviate the obesity epidemic,
  • Structure dietary interventions in accordance with current scientific findings,
  • Recommend specific strategies clients can use to impact the obesity epidemic,
  • Think of the causes of obesity and how to address them as a population-level problem, rather than an individual problem.


Chapter 1. It's Not Your Fault
Chapter 2. The Limits of Self-Control
Chapter 3. The Overwhelmed Brain
Chapter 4. Eating Is Automatic
Chapter 5. Abundant and Cheap
Chapter 6. A Food Desert? Try a Swamp
Chapter 7. Marketing Obesity
Chapter 8. A Plea for Change: We Are All in This Together
Chapter 9. A Safer Food Environment
Chapter 10, The Supermarket of the Future
Chapter 11. Fit and Fat: What About Physical Activity?
Chapter 12. In the Meantime: What Individuals Can Do
Chapter 13. Conclusion
Appendix: Healthier Meal Guidelines for Adults and Children
Frequently Asked Questions


Deborah A. Cohen, MD, is a senior natural scientist at the RAND Corporation. Cohen received her BA at Yale University, MPH in epidemiology from the UCLA School of Public Health, and her MD from the School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. She has served on several advisory panels for the National Institution of Health (NIH) and was a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Brazil. She lives in Santa Monica, California.


Wolf J. Rinke, PhD, RDN, CSP is the president and founder of Wolf Rinke Associates, Inc., an accredited provider of quality pre-approved CPE self-study programs for nutrition professionals available at www.easyCPEcredits.com.

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